Livingstone College

Student Activities

The Director of Student Activities/Greek Life directs programs and formulates policies governing student activities and organizations and is responsible for developing, implementing, and evaluating comprehensive leadership and student development programs for all student organizations. This includes coordinating support, and serving as a liaison for all student organizations and their advisors in connecting to campus resources. The Director of Student Activities serves as the principal advisor to NPHC. The director will provide informational training, officer-specific education and officer transition training for all of Greek Life and NPHC. Guidance and counseling of fraternities and sororities is an integral part of Director of the Student Activities position.

Mr. Alfonzo C. Duncan
Director of Student Activities
Office: Walls Center, Rm. 224
Phone: (704) 216- 6272

The director is responsible for collaboratively working within student life and across divisions in coordinating university-wide major events such as summer orientation and other special events. Similarly the director will work to coordinate student involvement in co-curricular activities, leadership education, and service learning activities.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Provide overall direction to campus programming efforts through assessment and program design
  • Develop and provide comprehensive leadership and development programs for student organizations
  • Formulate and recommend policies governing student activities, organizations, and Greek life
  • Maintain student organizations registration and records
  • Ensure student organizations adhere to University policy
  • Establish a mentor relationship with advisors to student organizations
  • Establish and implement short and long term goals for student organizations
  • Advisor to NPHC
  • Provide leadership development for student organizations
  • Provide training, officer-specific education and officer transition training for Greek organizations and NPHC
  • Maintain working relationship with national offices of Greek chapters a Livingstone College
  • Maintain collaborative working relationship with offices of admissions, first year programs, honors/leadership college, Welcome Week and service learning and other programs

Organizational Relationships

The Director of Student Activities reports to the Vice President for Student Affairs. The Director of Student Activities supervises the Student Activities Coordinator, Intramurals and student staff. The position interacts with students, faculty, staff, staff of national Greek letter organizations, and the general public.