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Career Services

The Office of Career Services supports the professional development of students, graduates and alumni through graduate school planning and/or employment exploration. Career Services will be able to assist you with career planning, career exploration, and branding yourself starting from the beginning of your college experience until you are ready to graduate.

We believe in building a foundation by providing to you professional development workshops, networking events, and job opportunities that will assist you in succeeding as a professional or graduate student. We offer connections with graduate schools and employment opportunities to further build your professional identity within the local, national and global markets. For more information please visit The Career Center located in the Walls Center room #326 or call (704) 216-6222.

Career & Professional Development Services for Students & Graduates

  • Resume Writing & Marketing Material Development
  • Career Counseling Sessions
  • Resume Writing & Marketing Material Development
  • Graduate/Professional School Exploration & Information
  • Professional Development Programs/Career Panels
  • Graduate Exam Prep
  • Internship Search Assistance & Opportunities
  • Part Time Job Assistance
  • Graduate Employment Assistance
  • Graduate School Tours (Throughout the Year)
  • Volunteer Opportunities
  • Salary Negotiation
  • Interview Preparation & Mock
  • Financial Awareness & Money Management Workshops/Seminars
  • Career Interest Exploration/Assessment

Graduate Fairs & Career Fairs Events Yearly

  • Metrolina Career Fair (Every Fall Semester)
  • Graduate Fair (Every Fall Semester)
  • CIAA Career Fair (Every Spring Semester)
  • Career Week (Every Spring Semester)

Sophia Gaither, MSHE, CPRW
Director of Career Services
(704) 216-6222

Kendra M. Sharp, M.S.
Assistant Director of Career Services
(704) 216-6298

The Career Center
Walls Center
Open Monday – Friday
8:00am – 5:00pm
Room #326

Drop In Hours
Monday – Thursday
10:00am – 2:00pm

Upcoming Workshops

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August 28th | 11am – 12pm | Walls Center
Internship Q&A Panel: Talk to Your Peers About Their Experiences

September 11th | 11am – 12pm | Writing Center
How to Tell Your Story on One Page

September 14th | 11am – 12pm | Walls Center
Resume Q&A Panel: Why Should I Have a Bomb Resume?

September 18th | 11am – 12pm | Walls Center
So You’re Telling Me a Resume Is Not Enough? Cover Letters Too!

September 21st | 11am – 12pm | Writing Center
Resume Workshop Pt 1: Don’t Have One, It’s Time to Create One

September 25th | 11am – 12pm | Writing Center
Resume Workshop Pt 2: Time to Review & Revise

September 28th | 11am – 12pm | Writing Center
Cover Letter Workshop: Time to Uncover the Cover Letter

October 2nd | 11am – 12pm | Ballard Hall
I Am Done With School, Why Do I Need Graduate School Too?

October 5th | 11am – 12pm | Ballard Hall
How Do I Get Accepted Into Graduate School? #mastersdoctorates

October 9th | 11am – 12pm | Ballard Hall
I’m Broke!! But I Need To Pay For Graduate School, What Can I Do?

October 16th | 11am – 12pm | Ballard Hall
Graduate Application & Purpose Statement: How Do I Fill It Out?

October 19th | 11am – 12pm | Walls Center
How to Interview for Graduate School?

November 2nd | 11am – 12pm | Walls Center
So, I Came to College for a Career Not a Job. What’s the Difference?

November 6th | 11am – 12pm | Walls Center
There’s a Technique to Finding a Career? Show Me!

November 9th | 11am – 12pm | Walls Center
What is LinkedIn? And Why Do I Need It?

November 13th | 11am – 12pm | Walls Center Lab
Create Your Own LinkedIn Profile Today!

November 16th | 11am – 12pm | Walls Center
How to Get Recruiters to Respond to My Application

Appointment Request

Faculty Workshop/Presentation Request

The Office of Career & Professional Development offers a variety of workshops and presentations on a wide range of career-oriented topics that can be tailored to your classroom setting and the specific needs of your students. You don’t need to cancel your class if you have to be away from the college, we can tailor a workshop for your class or you can choose from any of the specific subjects in the form, linked above.

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