Livingstone College

Statement from Dr. Jimmy R. Jenkins, Sr. regarding Charleston Shooting

It is with a shared sense of shock and sadness that the Livingstone College Family expresses our utmost sympathy over the meaningless act of violence that resulted in the devastating loss of life and injury at the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. We are particularly saddened that Mrs. Myra Singleton Thompson, a former Livingstone College student, is one of the nine murdered congregants of this historic church. Today, one of her former classmates and fellow member of the Livingstone College Band called upon all Livingstonians to be in prayer for Mrs. Thompson and her family. We do indeed join our college community and our nation in a period of mourning over this tragedy and pledge to lift the families and members of this church and the citizens of Charleston in prayer as they and we seek to cope with the horrendous act that displayed no regard for human life.

We constantly remind our students here at Livingstone that life and the blessings that God affords us daily are not to be taken for granted. While that may be of little solace at this time, please remember that God sees all and knows all. Likewise, please know that He will help us to pick up the pieces from this unspeakable act and move forward. We at Livingstone College will stand in support of the Emanuel congregation, the Thompson family and citizens of Charleston as long as it takes to recover from this tragic loss.

Dr. Jimmy R. Jenkins, Sr., Ph. D.
Livingstone College

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