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Livingstone College Parent Academy Mission Statement

The Livingstone College Parent Academy exists for the purpose of promoting parental and family involvement in education of their children, and to encourage relationships between parents, the institution, and our alumni. This is a joint partnership effort, to enhance the success of the students despite their income, social, or racial backgrounds.

What is the Livingstone College Parent Academy?

A method to connect parents to parents, parents to Faculty/Staff, and parents to alumni.

Why should you participate in the Parent Academy?

· Studies show that involved parents are essential to student matriculation to gradation
· To feel connected to your student and the institution they attend
· To be a proactive stakeholder in your child’s education
· To take advantage of the multiple opportunities to return to campus to volunteer and/or attend events
· To form a partnership with the Livingstone College Alumni Association on the local level

Documents for Parents

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