Livingstone College

Health Services

The role of Health Services at Livingstone College is to provide modern medical care and optimal supportive services to all students. We are here to promote prevention through the teachings of safety, promotion of health and wellness standards, programming and immunization against infectious diseases. The role of Health Services supports the College’s mission of the holistic approach: empowering the student through education so that they can make better informed decisions regarding their health. The Health Center is open Monday РFriday 8:00am Р5:00pm. The last student will be seen at 4:30pm.


(704) 216-6111 (Office)

In Case of Illness

Students (on or off campus) are to report to Health Services either in person or by telephone at: 704-216-6111. During normal business hours the student should visit the Health Center to be evaluated by the nurses or M D. When Health Services is closed, notify the Residence Hall Director so he/she can page the nurse on call. In emergency situations, notify Security at 704-216-6164 and/or dial 911.

Health Form

Dr. Desiree Johnson
Medical Director
Mondays and Thursdays 11am-12pm
Wednesdays 1pm-2pm

Ethel Peebles, LPN
Director of Health Services

Sarah Gaither, LPN
Nurse Health Services

Hours are Subject to Change and All Health Information is kept confidential