Livingstone College

Blue Bears Outlast Voorhees

By Bianca Warren
Sports Information Director

Blue Bears Outlast Voorhees 16-15

The Livingstone College softball team defeated Voorhees College 16-15 in their single game on Wednesday. The Blue Bears improve to 3-1 overall on the season.

Livingstone scored 16 runs on 18 hits. Offensively the Blue Bears had a great day. The Blue Bears six straight runs in the first inning gave them the momentum to win the game. Tanquaria Everett and LaPria Saunders recorded three hits apiece. Iman Isom recorded four hits; including three singles and one double.

Lareecia Swiney was unmatched to Voorhees defense. She finished the game with eight stolen bases.

Voorhees trailed Livingstone the entire game, but it wasn’t until the sixth inning where they made a run to pull within one point.
Livingstone, determined to win, managed to get Voorhees’ last player at bat out to stop them with their bases loaded.

The Blue Bears return to action this weekend as they compete in the CIAA Roundup held in Raleigh, NC, hosted by Shaw University.

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