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Best dressed: Livingstone provides professional wear for students

As Assistant Director for Career and Professional Development at Livingstone College, Kendra Sharp says it’s her job to make sure every student that walks through her door is well prepared for life after college — whether that involves a career, continuing education or something else. But it’s more than just her job, it’s her passion.

That’s why when she noticed students attending dress code-specific events in casual clothing, she decided to do something about it — even if providing a wardrobe is not specifically in her job description.

“At Livingstone, we definitely have a culture to do more than what is expected,” she said.

In her three years working with the Career and Professional Development office, Sharp saw many students attending school events, from convocation to job fairs to class presentations, in casual clothing, when the event called for business dress. After a few interviews with students, she learned that many of them didn’t follow dress code out of choice — they just didn’t have or couldn’t afford the proper attire.

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