Livingstone College

The One Hundred Thirty-Fourth Annual Baccalaureate Service of Livingstone College

As a Christian institution of higher learning founded by the African Methodist Episcopal Zion Church, students who matriculate beneath thy maples and thy oaks, are invited to begin their weekend of commencement events, in worship. The 134th Baccalaureate Service of Livingstone College was held Friday, May 5, 2017 at 7:00 p.m. in Bishop James Varick Auditorium. Presiding, Dr. Jimmy R. Jenkins Sr., the twelfth president affirmed, “This event is designed to motivate graduates with spiritual weapons in order for them to command their rightful place in the global society.”
After the Board of Trustees, faculty, graduating seniors and Golden Graduates processed to “Pomp and Circumstance” in their colorful academic regalia, Bishop W. Darin Moore, Presiding Prelate of the Mid-Atlantic Episcopal District and Treasurer of the Board of Trustees, provided the Invocation followed by the congregational hymn, “God of Our Fathers.”
Bishop Michael A. Frencher Sr., Presiding Prelate of the South Western Delta Episcopal District and Secretary of the Board of Trustees read Isaiah 40: 28-31 as the Old Testament scripture and Bishop Seth O. Lartey, Presiding Prelate of the Alabama-Florida Episcopal District and Assistant Secretary of the Board of Trustees, conveyed Luke 8: 1-9, 11-15 as the New Testament reading.
Celebrating and thanking God for grace, Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Presiding Prelate of the Eastern North Carolina Episcopal District, Bishop Kenneth Monroe offered a prayer of thanks for saving, rescuing and protecting the leadership, church and students of Livingstone College. He implored, “Celebrate what God has allowed us to achieve.”
Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Presiding Prelate of the Piedmont Episcopal District, senior Bishop, George E. Battle Jr., introduced the speaker, Bishop Darryl B. Starnes Sr., Presiding Prelate of the Mid-West Episcopal District. Bishop Battle acknowledged Bishop Starnes as the elected Chaplain, stating “He [Starnes] communicates with God for all of us,” and avowed Starnes as, “ . . . a spiritual and studious disciple maker for Jesus Christ.”
After the Livingstone College Concert Choir’s selection, “Oh How I Love Jesus,” those present were able to attest to the words of Bishop Battle.  Explicating Luke 8: 11-15, Bishop Starnes’s sermon titled, “God’s Word and the Human Heart,” encouraged graduates to examine the text by considering four heart conditions; a hardened heart, a shallow heart, a crowded heart and a healthy heart. Starnes continued a healthy heart is a mature heart and a mature heart, “. . . shoots, roots, and produces good fruit.”
Closing with a blessing from Jude 24, Bishop Staccato Powell, Presiding Prelate of the Western Episcopal District pronounced the Benediction while those in attendance recessed to Henry Purcell’s “Trumpet Tune.”

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