Livingstone College

Office of the Registrar

Mission Statement

The mission of the Livingstone College Registrar’s Office is to provide an effective and efficient delivery of services to our students, past and present; promote good human relations throughout the college community; and assist with the development of our students through cooperation with faculty, staff, and administration.


The primary function of the Registrar’s Office is to maintain accurate and up to date records of all current and former students who matriculated at the College; to organize, oversee, and facilitate the registration of students; to enforce the academic policies and procedures of the College which are established by the faculty, recommended to the administration, and approved by the Board of Trustees.

Student Responsibility

All students are responsible for completing their academic programs, for satisfying the general regulations stated in the catalog, for maintaining the required grade point average, and for meeting all other degree requirements.

The College urges students to seek guidance from their advisors and other appropriate college officials concerning current policies and requirements related to their education at the College; however, the final responsibility for completing the requirements rests with the student.

Students are required to know and observe all regulations concerning campus life and student conduct.

Wendy Jackson
(704) 216-6158

Audrey Cunningham
Registrar Office Administrative Assistant
(704) 216-6157