Livingstone College

Honors Program

Welcome to the Livingstone College Honors Program. Our mission is to offer a curriculum of interdisciplinary excellence designed to challenge and prepare academically gifted students to grow, serve and lead. The primary goal is to develop and maintain an elite body that promotes superior performance in academia, high ethical standards, community service, unity and friendship. LCHP aspires to instill in students the value of commitment and the ability to make successful transitions in life. Join us today!

Eligibility for Participation

Students who have been accepted for admission to Livingstone College and meet the eligibility criteria may submit an application for membership in the Honors Program. Admission into the program is highly competitive and based on a limited number of openings each year.

First Semester Freshmen: Presidential and Board of Trustee Scholars are offered full admission to the Honors Program as freshmen.

Continuing Freshmen and Sophomores: Freshmen and sophomores with at least 15 completed hours of course work at Livingstone College and who have earned a minimum 3.5 GPA, may be admitted to the program by submitting a complete application. The latest point to enter the Honors Program is the first semester of the sophomore year.

Transfer Students: Upon admission, students who are members of an Honors Program at another institution at the time of transfer to Livingstone College are immediately eligible to join Livingstone College Honors Program. Furthermore, students attending community college who were members of Phi Theta Kappa are immediately eligible to join. The latest point to enter the Honors Program for transfer students is the first semester of the junior year.

Retention Standards: A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3 must be maintained at all times. If a student’s GPA is below the minimum (but not below a 3.1) the student has one semester to increase the cumulative average to a 3.3 to remain in the Honors Program. Students who wish to resign from the program must submit a letter of resignation to the coordinator and conduct an exit interview by the end of the requesting semester. The Honors Program does not offer readmission.