Livingstone College

Division of Liberal Arts

The mission of the Division of Liberal Arts and Humanities is to empower students to become global leaders in scholarship, research, performing arts, and service to humanity.  The division is committed to producing graduates who are critical thinkers in pursuit of truth, beauty, spirituality, and social justice.  Students are prepared to become competitive candidates in graduate and professional schools, to excel in their chosen careers, and to provide community leadership based upon humanistic values.

Faculty members in the division are committed to broadening their knowledge, scholarship, research, professional experiences, and methods of teaching.

The Division of Liberal Arts and Humanities offers the Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree program in the following areas, as listed by department:

Department of Criminal Justice and Sociology

  • Criminal Justice
  • Sociology

Dr. Frederick Ford, Department Chair (Ext. 6840)

Department of English and Foreign Language

  • English: Liberal Arts
  • English: Teacher Education

Dr. Kelli Randall, Department Chair (Ext. 6854)
Pilar Cabrera-Matthews, Spanish Coordinator (Ext. 6056)

Department of History and Political Science

  • History: Liberal Arts
  • Political Science
  • Social Studies: Teacher Education (7-12)

Dr. M.J. Simms-Maddox, Department Chair (Ext. 6174)
Dr. Da’Tarvia Parrish, History Coordinator (Ext. 6058)

Department of Liberal and Religious Studies

  • Liberal Studies (2 Concentrations)
  • Religious Studies

Dr. Michael Ellis, Department Chair (Ext. 6261)

Department of Music and Theater Arts

  • Music: Liberal Arts
  • Music: Teacher Education

Dr. DaVaughn Miller, Department Chair (Ext. 6322)

Minor programs are available in English, History, Music, Political Science, and Sociology.
Courses are offered in Humanities and Spanish to satisfy general education requirements and the Holistic Learning module, Spanish as a second language. See the Department of Liberal and Religious Studies for a complete list of concentrations for a degree in Liberal Studies. For more information about the Division, please contact Dr. Kelli Randall, Dean of Liberal Arts and Humanities at (704)216-6854, or Anitra Kelly at (704) 216-6804,