Livingstone College

Message from our President

As the twelfth President of Livingstone College, I am pleased to welcome you to this historic place of learning.
Since we opened our doors in 1879, Livingstone has provided generations of students like you with opportunities to develop themselves academically, intellectually, and spiritually to their fullest potential. One hundred twenty-seven years later, as we continue to advance this great legacy, we have great expectations of you. To help you navigate your Livingstone experience successfully, we have introduced some exciting new initiatives.

This is my challenge to you: Once you step foot on this campus “beneath the maples and oaks,” focus your energies, time, and commitment on your intellectual, moral, physical, and spiritual development. Take advantage of every opportunity we provide to build your future. Go to your classes on time and go prepared to engage yourself in an intellectual pursuit.

Exercise your civic responsibility as a member of the Livingstone learning community – register to vote. Participate in elections on campus and in the community. Preserve the legacy you inherit as a new Livingstonian – meaning several things, among others: Respect your Livingstone home here as your own home. Respect yourself and your fellow students; respect your faculty and staff; and connect to your new environment, including the city of Salisbury, in a positive, constructive spirit.
We trust you will do your utmost to actualize your dream of an excellent education and seize the opportunity we offer for building a truly successful life for yourself.

Your journey to achievement and success begins here, begins now, and begins with you. May God always bless you, keeping you safe, focused, and prepared for the years ahead!

Jimmy R. Jenkins, Sr., Ph.D.
Livingstone College
Salisbury, North Carolina