Livingstone College

2014 Reunion Class Gift Totals

ClassReunion Class Agent# of DonorsGift Totals
1939Office of Alumni Affairs1$500.00
1944Mamie Ledbetter Turner1$50.00
1949Office of Alumni Affairs6$1,960.00
1954Milton Hagins5$2,235.00
1959Mary Burwell Scott19$18,895.00
1964Julius E. Suiter49$57,165.00
1969Delores McDowell Johnson37$51,248.21
1974Blanche Simmons Wimberly27$14,795.25
1979Bruce Stanback14$18,625.00
1984Office of Alumni Affairs4$250.00
1989Office of Alumni Affairs2$70.00
1994Rob Clodfelter5$1,135.00
1999Shinea C. Wright6$401.37
2004Alycia Garrison5$576.58
2009Chelsea F. Johnson1$100.00
Grand Total177$168,006.41

*Congratulations to the Class of 1964 for having the Highest Class Reunion Gift Total and Participation!
**Congratulations to our 2014 Golden Retrievers Lucille Brooks, ’64 and Mary Moss Miller, ’64
(Golden Alums that locate the most lost classmates)

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